Job vacancies in Emirates Towers Hotel Dubai

Job vacancies in Emirates Towers Hotel Dubai or 5 star hotel jobs in Dubai. Hiring Laundry Attendant, Waiter, Driver, Bartender, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Guest Service, Receptionist, Pastry & Bakery Kitchen, Sales, Chef, Team Leader, Commis, Engineer and many more available vacancies in the hotel. Candidates who are interested to apply for the job must be high school or secondary educated with relevant experience in the field. If you think that you can fulfill the given criteria then please go ahead.

How To Apply:
To apply for the job, all you need to do is to hit on your given below relevant jobs then you will be redirected to the main page of concerned job provider where you can submit your complete CV.About Jumeirah Emirates Towers:
Emirates Office Towers is also known as a Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. These two largest towers is located in Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, UAE. The construction was started in the year of 1996 and was completed in 2000. This hotel is known as a 5 star luxury hotel that includes 40 luxury suites and 54 floor. It is also known as a two smaller sister towers.

Job vacancies in Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai

Job vacancies in Emirates Towers Hotel Dubai
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